Besides the obvious, there are two challenging considerations to moving to a new job and city: settling into a new house and making it a home.  What takes the edge off both is finding someone who can help with interior design and source local suppliers.  Shelley Hughes brought her talent to help achieve the look we wanted – millwork, carpets, curtains, colours, wallpaper and various fixtures and accents – while incorporating the furniture and art we have collected over the years.  Colours, carpets and curtains were key selections; Shelley’s experienced eye and flair combined new and old into the look our new home required.  Better yet, was her network of knowledgeable suppliers who quickly delivered on their respective elements of the plan.  Bringing it all together was important for us and Hughes Interiors finessed that with practical advice and an experienced eye to transform an ordinary house into a comfortable home.

Ken Tremblay
President and CEO
Peterborough Regional Health Centre