Interior Design Services

While each project is different and the scope of services varies, Hughes Interior Design can perform the management and design services for any project or budget, including:

Interior Design for Residential Spaces:

- including Homes, Condos, Cottages, Kitchens, Living Rooms, Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Corporate, Professional and Office Space Interior Design:

- including Board Rooms, Cubicle Layouts, Executive Offices, Lobby & Reception Areas

Interior Design for Health Care Facilities:

- including retirement homes, medical and dental facilities

Interior Design for the Hospitality Industry

- including hotel rooms, hotel lobby's, restaurants and more

Home Staging services

- accelerate the sale of your home


There is so much design alive today. As I progress through my design style I find that previous influences fade as I experience everything new around me. I am constantly being stimulated.

Inspiration happens no matter where you are. New places and experiences can also inspire the mind, and in turn create style.